Crystal and Erica became friends in 1991 when Erica moved to Smoketree South. We have been besties since then, and although we have both grown and changed, a lot is still the same. When someone knows you like you know yourself, it can help you stay grounded. When the road gets rough and you lose your way, connections like these can help you get back to your authentic self.

We started this blog as a way to share, with everyone, the little pep talks, comic relief, and good conversation we have been sharing with one another for years. If our friendship has taught us anything, it is that sharing your story helps to lighten the load.

Hello, my name is Erica

dreamer. creator. blogger.

What can I say here? I’m a slightly eccentric, thrill-seeking, animal-loving, people-focused, creative, movement enthusiast. I really like vegetables, I love music, and I’m working on having a better relationship with myself. I like doing things that scare me and/or sound impossible…maybe because I’m stubborn as hell? 

I have witnessed the transformative power of movement in shaping mood, self-awareness, and self-esteem. I wasn’t always the fitness aficionado you see today. I know all too well that the first step is the hardest, but it is the most important. Just like you, it is worth the effort. It is my mission to encourage everyone to find their inner power and chase what moves them.

Of all the bad days I’ve had on this earth, I’ve managed to live through every single one so far. This gives me hope that the universe will never present us with anything we can’t overcome…   

I am in love with my friends and family and feel grateful for their love and support each day. The purpose of life is connection; to ourselves, to others, to our envirnment. It is only with open hearts and minds (and sometimes a little help from those who know us best) that we can discover our truest self and live our fullest lives.

Hello, my name is Crystal

pastor. educator. writer.

I never know what to write for these things, but I’ll start with I love long walks on the beach with my Jesus school sweetheart while sipping on fair trade coffee (in a ceramic mug only am I right?). Just kidding! Well, mostly…

I was born, raised, and still live in Richmond, Virginia. While in seminary, I met and married the most wonderful guy named Zach.  He is my best friend, my partner, the love of my life and he helps me be a better me. We have two little girls, VHP and CEP.  The oldest is independent, determined, and so much like her mama. The youngest is laid back, full of smiles, and a lot like her daddy. Both of these girls push me to be the best version of myself, and inspire me to make this world better for them. 

I’ve been blogging off and on since college, but a motherhood realization in 2015 re-ignited my purpose. My epiphany was simple: women are amazing capable beings, but we are often too hard on ourselves and neglect our own self-care. Through the power of this realization, I reconnected with my yoga practice and brought new life to the blog.  I’ve never thought of myself as much of an athlete or writer, but regular exercise is what keeps me balanced and writing keeps me creative. 

We all get distracted by judgments and expectations and lose sight of our power. We need support and need encouragement along our journey. Whether we are single or married, have children or not, we all need to be reminded that we are enough. That we are doing an exceptional job. And most of all, that we are not alone.

Let’s hang out!

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