taking care

why we should celebrate our strengths

I find that it is incredibly easy for us to focus on what we are missing, our shortcomings and the challenges that face us. What if we turn things around and celebrate our strengths? What if we delight in the goodness we bring to the world around us? 


The quote above is quite popular and often attributed to Albert Einstein, but they are not his words. Some may write this quote off because it’s not from a brilliant mind, BUT we can still learn a lot from this message.

Do you beat yourself up for not being able to hold that yoga pose as long as the person in front you? Or because you went out to eat again rather than making some beautiful home cooked meal like your friend on instagram? Maybe because your home improvement project turned out mediocre rather than pinterest perfect?

It’s easy to criticize ourselves. But, before you do, consider these facts: You have no idea how long that magical yoga person has been practicing. You can not guarantee that foodie pic on Instagram  was prepared by the hands that posted it. Lastly,  so what if your project was less than fabulous? You are learning various DIY techniques that may help with the next one. 

We cannot compare ourselves to others and expect to feel good inside.  I’ll say it again. WE CANNOT COMPARE OURSELVES TO OTHERS AND EXPECT TO FEEL GOOD INSIDE!

What CAN we do?  Celebrate what we are good at, what we enjoy doing. We can be proud of our hard work, our desire to learn, and the effort we effort we devote to getting better and stronger. We can remember that each of us is special.  Each of us has a hidden talent. Each of us has something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

Next time you are amazed by someone else’s magic, consider that another person you may not even know is captivated and inspired by YOU. (Trust me, there are people who would love to have some of the abilities you have!)

If we let our self-worth be defined by all that we cannot do, we surround ourselves with doubt and negativity. Where does that leave us? Stuck and afraid to try new things. Fish were not meant to climb trees just as birds were not meant to drive cars. To evaluate our worth based on our deficiencies  is like throwing out an entire pizza because it’s not chicken teriyaki. (I’m not advocating the discarding of perfectly good pizzas BTW.)

We do not need to DO everything. We cannot BE everything to everyone. We only need to be ourselves.  We are good. We  are worthy just as we are. We are perfectly imperfect and that’s the best damn thing!


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