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Sometimes You Just Need to Rest


Have you ever had a week where there have been many things going on, but none of it seemed THAT important? You feel busy doing nothing and you’re left wondering where the week has gone. When a week like this occurs, it can make us feel impotent. Even if you don’t feel you deserve it, sometimes you just need to rest.

For me this week has been filled with:

  • Running around for work.

  • Running around preparing for Hurricane Florence that is about to pummel the East Coast.

  • Reshuffling commitments that have been postponed/canceled or delayed because of the impending storm.

  • Scrambling to get my minivan (yup, I’m so cool!) ready for repairs because the recall part FINALLY arrived. Note: I’ve been waiting over NINE months for this part to arrive. The repair takes the entire day, and you have to remove EVERYTHING from the vehicle. (This wouldn’t be such a big deal, but my minivan is full of ALL THE THINGS needed to cart two kids around…)

running ragged and going nowhere...running ragged and going nowhere...

running ragged and going nowhere…

Needless to say, the chaos of the week got in the way of my plans for The91Rewind.

The truth is that I am tired. And that it’s okay! I have been busy doing little things that don’t seem all that important but are still critical. Even though it may not feel like I’ve earned a break, I need one.

Things have not been bad and nothing is wrong per say, but they have not been great either. Life is not always sunshine and rainbows, even for this usually positive/optimistic/look-on-the-bright-side gal. With that said, I’m going to relax and recalibrate for next week.  

It’s okay to admit when you feel like you’ve hit a wall. Sometimes you just need to rest.


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