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9 Steps to Being a Good Human


We are in a time where many people are speaking up about the injustice they see in the world. About what they don’t like in politics. About how they think things should be done. With all this speaking out, some people don’t like what they are hearing. When someone doesn’t like what they’re hearing, they might get upset. They may want to jump straight to the name calling and/or proving that someone wrong. Most of us know this seldom helps, yet we do it anyway. So what are we to do? How do we have our opinions and beliefs without being ranting and  raving. How can we peacefully disagree? I believe, that in order to get through these divisive times, we each need to follow 9 steps to being a good human.

Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or don’t identify with a political party…

we can recognize that we don’t always see eye to eye on things happening around us. Some of us are passionate about getting certain people into elected or appointed to various public offices. Some of us are determined to see our systems become equitable across genders and races. Some of us want to see that our reproductive rights remain protected. Some of us want to ensure that our right to bear arms is not infringed upon. Some of us are determined to be part of the solution. Some of us are apathetic. Some of us are determined to win at all costs. BUT, name calling, screaming, and yelling are not productive tools because they discourage understanding and collective progress.

So what is productive? What will help us get through this?

The answer is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

9 Steps to Being a Good Human:

Step 1. Love creates a desire for understanding.
Step 2. Joy is most certainly better than sadness.
Step 3. Peace is the goal of turmoil and war.
Step 4. Forebeance is needed amidst all the Internet fighting.
Step 5. Kindness is best enjoyed when shared  (*ahem* #sharingkindnesschallenge).
Step 6. Goodness is in each of us (even in those people who drive us the craziest).
Step 7. Faithfulness reminds us that there is goodness in all.
Step 8. Gentleness helps us to soften and smile.
Step 9. Self-control helps us listen before speaking.

Perhaps you’ll call me a Pollyanna.
Maybe you’ll say that I’m wearing rose colored glasses.
I’d like to say I see the world as a glass half full and all of which is full of potential.

It may not be easy to lean into these things each day…

but it is far better than the alternative. We’ve seen the results in recent weeks of our awful behavior. A mass shooting at a synagogue on Saturday during Shabbat services. Explosive devices were sent to MANY people (a former president, a former secretary of state, a news station, and a  philanthropist to name a few). We don’t have to agree with someone to know that attempting to blow up people or that killing peope is wrong. Ideologies aside, let’s try to be kind human beings together making our world (and internet) a better place for us ALL. No matter how you may vote on November 6th, what you may think about our president (past, present, or future), your crazy aunt’s posts on Facebook, or the gender identity of a classmate, it’s important to be a kind human being. Let’s do better y’all, I believe in us.



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