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How Did You Get Here: Natasha Foreman

We are so excited to continue our How Did you Get Here series in 2019 on The91Rewind. Each time, we are bringing you stories of transformation, empowerment, and moxie. Today we have the opportunity to share the story of Natasha Foreman, whom you may know as  curlycurvyyogini on Instagram, the founder of Lucid Punk apparel, and owner of Lucid Living. This woman wears MANY hats and she’s quite the calming healer. We can’t wait for you to get to know Natasha and love her as much as we do.

How did you get started?

I totally lost my sh*t in 2009 when I was working as a financial advisor. I was extremely successful in my twenties and was fortunate to be in business alongside my boo. Everything was in this place of success in the eyes of many, but I spent my days managing 35 agents at the cost of 60-80 hour workweeks. I was always having to train and inspire others, but I was doing nothing to replenish and care for myself. In the midst of this, I gained 50 pounds, had an erratic sleep pattern, and my anxiety attacks (these initially started in college) became debilitating.

It was at this point, I decided something had to change. I broke things off with my boo, signed over my part of the business, packed up and left D.C. for Richmond. I stayed with my mom for nine months, during what I call my sabbatical, but I hardly left the house. This was a turning point for me. I had removed the factors causing me to hit this breaking point, but I didn’t have the tools I needed to care for myself moving forward.

After being on “sabbatical” for nine months, I had to start working again to support myself. I started working in financial advising again but in a more behind-the-scenes way. Fortunately, a client I knew owned a yoga studio, so I went to check it out. I had read that yoga could help with your breath, and I knew I could use some help breathing. I went to my first class, never stopped, and can now say that yoga saved my life.

Yoga was a catalyst. It pushed me toward more ways I could heal myself. Then, it turned into me wanting to share these tools with others.

What is the most rewarding thing about what you’re doing?

I get to hold space for people. Here, they can come into this space as they are and willingly move from this place of focusing outward to working inward.

What led you to feel the need to create Lucid Living?

Honestly, I moved from my heartspace. When I move from my heartspace, it’s where God or the Divine resides. I don’t always understand it or want to do it, but I follow it. I moved to my current physical space in March 2018, but prior to this, I was in a 200 square foot space in Carytown. The old space was just for healing services; I actually had to rent a different space for group classes. But one day my heartspace (the Divine) said, “I need you to do more. I need you to create a platform not just for you, but for others too.” So I did it. I wasn’t sure how, but I just did. Now, I have friends who don’t understand how I trust like this, but it’s gotten me this far, so I can’t stop.

What would you say has been the most challenging part of your journey?

Balance. I feel like I might be able to speak for other healers and those creating a space for others. We move from a place from working on ourselves to then seeing how great these tools are for others. I began caring for others and their ability to heal themselves, too. Once we start focusing on others, we forget about ourselves and our groundedness starts to suffer. I know now that I can’t be who I need to be for my clients, students, or anyone who comes here if I don’t take care of myself.

What is something you have learned?

So many things! Can the lessons stop??

To trust. When I feel this tug at my heart to move in a direction, I have to trust. When I don’t follow my heart, I see that I should have done it. Trusting and following that heartspace

Second, Fill my cup before I fill others. I know now that my nervous breakdown in 2009 was because I was constantly giving to others. Going. Giving. Going. Giving. Doing, BUT there was no being. There was no sitting and connecting in my space. I need to remember that I am important, and then I can do for others.

If someone wants to get started on this journey of being a healer, guiding people, or providing a space, what advice would you give them?

Find the tools that help you. If it’s yoga, singing bowls, or something you love, then that’s something to explore more. Go to a yoga teacher training and learn more for your own practice. If the sound of the singing bowls speaks to you, go to a training. Whenever we pursue a training, we don’t have to do or teach that thing. When I first went to yoga teacher training, I didn’t want to be a yoga instructor at all; I signed up to deepen my own practice. Before I finished that training, I was offered some teaching opportunities.I heard in my heartspace a call to do that thing I didn’t want to do.

Basically what I’m saying is to explore it all, because there are so many things in the alternative healing modalities. You have to explore to see what resonates for you. Determine which things help you feel the most grounded and centered, then if they do that for you, you’ll be able to hold space for others from the evidence of a lasting shift in your life.

How has all of this changed you?

Oh wow, this is being really real. Natasha now, is not Natasha back in 2009 (obviously), and I’m grateful for it. I needed to be that person back then, but I’m grateful that I have evolved. I transformed from being selfish and focusing on what I wanted, to a person who is grateful and wants to give. I feel like I have been given so much in the way of mentoring (from other small business owners, healers) and guidance from others, I want to be able to give back. People who know me from college and those who know me now are like two different worlds. Sometimes the people from now and then don’t always intersect, but those that do can really see the change in me. They can see the evolution, shifting, and growth. Hopefully, this is something we would all do, continually being better versions of ourselves.

What has surprised you most?

I like to be the person behind the scenes. I’m a learned extrovert, but really I’m the introvert that wants to be at home where I get fueled. What surprised me most, has been the reception of being in this space. Whenever we have a workshop or series-based class here and people leave talking about their experience, I’m pleasantly surprised that it happened here, at my place. I still can’t believe this space provides that, and my heart overflows with love and gratefulness. I have such gratitude for the words people say about what this space means for them. All I wanted to do is hold a space for people, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how receptive everyone has been of it.

Anything else you would like to share?

I’d encourage people to keep following their heart. I’m grateful for you two thinking of me to share what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Thank you for your support at Lucid Living

Thank you for allowing us to interview you Natasha!

We hope you enjoyed getting know this awesome Richmonder. If you are fortunate enough to live in RVA, stop by Lucid Living for a healing service (Intuitive Massage, Thai Bodywork, Reiki, Yoni Steaming, Sound Therapy, and Aromatouch), a workshop, a Sound Concert, to purchase something from Lucid Punk Apparel (Reiki -infused clothing), or to learn more.  When Natasha isn’t at Lucid Living, she also volunteers with the Junior League for the last ten years, and serves as the Vice-Chair on the Project Yoga Board of Directors.

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