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5 things you will learn at “The Flowdown”…

Some of us love to make plans. We get all excited to put things on the calendar and know exactly what we have on our plates. Others dread this, and feel stress when it comes to commitment and obligation…

Whichever type of person you are, there are a few reasons why you should DEFINITELY sign up for my yoga class next weekend! It’s called “The Flowdown” and it’s happening Saturday, April 27th in Raleigh. Here are five things you will learn if you attend:

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  1. How to breathe from your belly and reduce stress.

  2. How to ACTUALLY engage your core.

  3. How to integrate pelvic and spinal alignment into yoga movement (and everyday life).

  4. How simple modifications can help integrate alignment and core activation in movement.

  5. What “take your flow” really means.

Have you ever taken a flow or vinyasa yoga class and felt a little lost? If you’ve wondered if you were really “doing it”, what the controlled breathing is all about, or if there was another way to move through the poses, this is your class. If you have thought about creating a home practice or simply wanted to spend a little more time in one pose before you move on to the next, this is YOUR opportunity.

The Flowdown is a 75 minute hybrid workshop and class. We slow down the flow so that we can take the time we need to find each shape in our body. We will introduce a few breathing exercises to help us link our movement to our breath, and finally, we will play with alternative shapes and modifications to find our unique flow.

At its simplest, yoga is a practice of learning to breathe through challenges. My goal is to show you that this practice is for everyone, at any level. With a little mindfulness, we have the power to overcome challenges and make it work for us!

If you want to sign up, just send an email to happedancingyogi [at] gmail [dot] com! It’s that simple….If you need more information, check out my instagram post from a few weeks back or email for more details.

In love and light,


PS: Another exciting bonus is that our dear co-founder Crystal will be in Raleigh to join me for this fun event! In case you missed it, The 91Rewind blog is a joint effort from my bestie and I. We are so excited to meet you at the event!

namaste y’all!

namaste y’all!