pause + rewind + try again

don’t tell me what to do

If only it were that simple. 
Guns aren’t the problem, 
it’s a mental health crisis. 
Guns don’t kill people, 
only those with mental health issues do. 
We have a right to bear arms,
except we forget it’s supposed to be a well-regulated militia

Don’t make me wear a mask, 
but please teach the children to hide. 
Life is sacred and we’re pro-life, 
except more children and teachers have died. 
We don’t want to be told what to do,
unless it’s your body and your choices. 

Nothing is simple, 
except protecting our children. 
Mental health matters,
except for traumatizing our children (again).
We have rights,
except for our children to attend school safely. 

Don’t tell me what to do,
but I’ll make the rules. 
You must care for all lives we deem worthy,
but we aren’t going to make it feasible. 
We all have rights,
but only those of some seem to matter. 

These are the words of a mother, a pastor, an educator, a wife, a daughter, and a friend who is full of rage and heartbreak. I have sat through multiple lockdown drills, have lamented the ones my daughter has endured, and mourn the innumerable hours educators have spent preparing for the eventual. School shootings, mass shootings, and gun violence of all its stripes and varieties are becoming mundane. You will offer your thoughts and prayers for a time, but soon you will forget. 

There are children and loved ones being mourned today, tomorrow, and for always. But let’s remember your guns. They are what’s most important. You have the right to bear arms and form a militia, but you forget it should be well regulated. These rules don’t matter, because you’ll stop these shootings from happening with your guns. 

But here’s the thing…YOU HAVEN’T!
The guns keep landing in the hands of those who shouldn’t have them, and they are murdering Americans of all ages and races. 

When will there be enough blood on our hands? 
How high must the body count get before it matters?
When are we allowed to tell you what to do?

I’m telling you now:
This blood is on your hands. 
The body count is already too high. 
I have had enough of your thoughts and prayers.

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