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we have some news

It’s only April, but 2018 has brought a lot of newness and great opportunities for us both on the 91 rewind. We are so grateful to have you whether you’re new to us or a longtime follower (back from the HebrewDawn days). No matter when you joined us, we are excited to have you along for the ride! With that being from said, we have some news to share…

  1. I am now a contributor on the Richmond Moms Blog. You’ll still hear from me on motherhood occasionally, but I’ll share some of my motherhood and parenting specific thoughts over there.  We’ll be sure to share a link to those posts with you all. If you are a Richmond area mom or dad, you should definitely go check out the blog…and not just when I am posting! Posts on Richmond Moms Blogs are often Richmond focused, but most of it is great stuff to carry us as we navigate parenting whether in Richmond or not
  2. You can now find Erica’s yoga schedule here on our site! If you’re looking for a yoga class and live in the Raleigh area or will be visiting the Raleigh, then you should go to one of her classes! Erica is someone who is naturally a great teacher, but she’s also a joy to be around (as her best friend I MAY be biased). For starters, ask her how to make downward dog less taxing and be the restorative pose it’s meant to be…
  3. We have a NEWSLETTER coming and our first edition is coming your way later this month! Make sure you sign up so you’ll stay in the know about all things 91 rewind. You’ll be the first to know about upcoming events, receive special gifts, and stay informed of anything you may have missed here.  Sign up here.
  4. We have a new series coming soon, called “How did you get here?” Through these posts we’ll share the stories of people who have been transformed, folks who empower us, and those who just plain have moxie! We cannot wait to introduce you to our first rock star. If you have someone you’d like to see featured, send us note.
  5. You are now able to begin scheduling us for your events! Are you looking for a retreat or event speaker, particularly focusing on self-care? Looking for a pop-up yoga event instructor? Read something here that piqued your interest, but want to dig deeper into the topic? Then we’re your gals. Reach out to us via our event request page or send us an email. We love being able to connect with you all, especially in person!

Thank you for being on this path with us. We hope you’ll find the 91 rewind to be your place to hit pause, catch your breath, hit rewind and try again.