taking care

only good things

It is not enough to imagine things could be better. It is not enough to hope for a day when things could change. We have to drive the change with action. It starts by looking for the best in ourselves, in the people we meet, in humanity. We know there are bad things happening all around, but we must not be discouraged. Let’s challenge ourselves to filter for all that is good.

Only Good Things.

By: Erica LaGarde

Only good things.

To myself, to others,

To strangers and familiars.

I promise to send positive vibes,

To choose words of a kind and gentle nature.

Optimism is my weapon.

I wield it for all.

I will root for you

And for me.

To wish the best for all of us.

I am in your corner,

As you are in mine.

We are kindred humans.

Spreading goodness begins within.

Banish doubt with encouragement.

Reframe negativity with action.

speak, share, project.



Choosing to focus on Only Good Things is a radical choice. It’s a choice that pushes against the negativity the world wants to highlight. It will challenge you, at times it will feel impossible, but it can be done, Let’s lift up those who do good things by continuing their example. Let us work each day to find only good things to dwell on.