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The Depth of My Love

Music has long been an important part of my life. It’s hard to pinpoint when the love first hit, but there are two moments that stick out most…I was about five years old when my grandfather gave me this itty bitty AM/FM radio. As a child, I thought I was hot stuff having my own radio! My station of choice? WCVE 88.9 when they were playing classical music.This is not what most kids would want to listen to, but I LOVED it.  A couple of years later during my elementary music class, some musicians from our local symphony came to talk to us about different types of instruments. It was that day that I fell head over heels in love with the violin. I came home and told my parents that I desperately wanted to play it, but I don’t think they quite understood the depth of my love.


In time, my desire to play the violin became a reality.

When middle school electives were to be chosen, please believe that orchestra was my first choice. While other students look forward to the new found freedom of middle school, I was most excited to FINALLY get my hands on a violin. Instruments are expensive, but thankfully the school had a violin available for me to borrow. Over the next few years, I would spend countless hours in class and in my free time learning to master the violin. When things were too easy in our orchestra class, I would fill my time with learning a new instrument. First, it was the viola and then the cello, but none of these could take the place of my one true love.

As I grew older, I hoped I could pass this love of music onto my children…

I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to do it, but I was determined nonetheless. Lucky for me, our local Richmond Symphony helped make this easy. They have a LolliPops series just for kids (and kids at heart) to introduce them to the wonders of the symphony. Each performance is prefaced with an instrument “petting zoo”, activities for the kids, and some general fun for all who attend. I’ve had the privilege of going three times with my oldest (VHP), and she LOVES it. After our last visit to LolliPops, she said the words I had been longing to hear: “Mommy I want to learn to play music too.” I am crying a little bit just writing these words.

So she wants to learn to play an instrument.

As her music-loving mama, who am I to say no? Fortunately, we found the opportunity to try out some music lessons online through Care2Rock. This seemed like a swell option, as we could try things from the comfort of home without scrambling to be somewhere else with squirmy little sister in tow. Before we could book a lesson, however we needed to settle on which instrument to play.  

Whatever will she choose?

When talk of instruments came up, VHP would mention the piano, violin, cello, and trumpet; but none of these options seemed to really excite her. We took a trip to the music store because sometimes it’s better to just get your hands on some instruments to see what you like. There, we learned kids her age (she’s only four) typically begin with the piano, violin, or flute.

After our visit, VHP thought and thought about what she wanted to do. After several days of deliberating, she declared she wanted to play the piano. Not only did she want to play the piano, but she REALLY REALLY wanted to play the piano. So off to facebook I went to get piano recommendations from friends. One friend had all the details on keyboards (if decided to go that route), one had a piano we could have, and another had a keyboard we could borrow. BOOM! Everything was falling into place.

The time has arrived for highly anticipated piano lessons

through Care2Rock. They are done online, but they are interactive. Using a computer with a web-ready camera, much like you would have a Skype call, my daughter will learn to play or sing or read music from the comfort of home. (For a parent, this is AWESOME! No traffic, no childcare arrangements, no stress!) Like most music teachers, many Care2Rock instructors are skilled in teaching multiple instruments (violin, piano, guitar, drums, and many more). We opted for a teacher who was able to teach a few of the instruments that VHP had expressed an initial interest in learning.

How are the lessons going?

My daughter told me it was good and that she liked. In typical kid fashion she hasn’t elaborated much, but being a mom I pressed to know more. She mentioned that she liked her teacher which was a good sign! I asked if there was anything she didn’t like, to which she said, “piano because it’s hard to play.” This sparked a little concern and led me to ask if she wanted to continue learning, and the response was an emphatic yes. Now, whenever she walks into our office she’s ready to start another lesson and thinks it’s readily available since it’s over the computer.

As a mom with musical talents, I believe this is a great way for kids to get started. My daughter is on the younger side, but this virtual music education program is ideal for anyone interested in learning to play an instrument.

Care2Rock is more than just music lessons.

Care2Rock is not just a music education program. Each of the Care2Rock instructors agrees to serve as volunteer music mentors for a child in foster care every week for up to a year. My daughter’s music lesson is not just providing her an incredible hands-on learning experience, but it’s making this same experience accessible to children who really need it.  How cool is this? If you still don’t feel warm and fuzzy inside; first check your pulse and then head over to the Care2Rock success story page and bring your tissues.

Today on The91Rewind, we would like to share this love of music with you and/or your child.

We have partnered with Care2Rock to get you started on your music learning journey. They are giving away a keyboard or guitar to every one of you who participates in the Sounds of Summer Club! Here’s what you get if you participate:

$39/month = 1 lesson for 12 months
$69/month = 2 lessons for 6 months
$99/month = 3 lessons for 3 months
Already have an instrument? Buy 3 lessons and get one free for $96!

Do you have a deep love for music? Do you play an instrument?


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