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A Hairy Situation

Today I want to talk about hairy situations. This is not a metaphor, ladies and gents. We are literally talking about body hair. It seems there is quite the spectrum of feelings on our bodily follicles and how we should manage them. Let me start by saying that the choice is yours and yours alone. Nobody gets to tell you how your body or hair should look. Now, if you are in a hairy situation and you want to get out if it, I have some pro tips 🙂

There are a variety of options depending on your budget, the rate of your hair’s growth, hair texture, etc. Each one has differing pros and cons, and finding the one for you can be an arduous task. After an almost lifetime of trial and error, I found my preferred method of hair removal. Her name is Helene and she is the owner of Sweet Pea Waxing Boutique in Raleigh, NC.

Why wax?

If you desire smooth and hair-free parts, this is your best bet. The longevity of results can vary because everyone’s hair is a little different. Generally, whatever you choose to wax will be free of unwanted follicles for a few weeks. That is pretty major. Body hair is out of sight and out of mind for multiple weeks. When was the last time you shaved and didn’t have to worry about it for weeks? (Sometimes, if it’s cold enough, the leg hairs will just start growing right away!)

What’s it Like?

The third time’s the charm…it will be tempting to try to manage your hairy situation in between waxes, but RESIST! You might find you actually enjoy this little liberation from grooming. It will take approximately three visits for you to see your best results. Hair grows in three cycles which means that, at any given time, your hair is at three different lengths. By the time you leave your third appointment, the shortest hairs that were missed the first or second time will be removed, and all your follicles will be on the same page. This is important to remember. I was expecting to be “adult film audition-ready” after my first visit…and was not. By the third visit though, I was ready for my closeup—if you know what I mean 🙂

The other little-known benefit of waxing is that it actually changes your hair’s texture. I’ve been going to see Helene consistently for a little over a year now and my hair is noticeably different. It is less coarse and much softer, which makes it easier to remove with the wax. The whole waxing experience gets better as you go along.

Does it hurt?

Yes, but for like seconds at a time. The wax actually feels great going on. When it comes off, it stings for a moment but then it’s gone. That analogy of ripping a bandaid off is appropriate here, so try to think of it as temporary discomfort for future happiness.

Is it worth it?

In a word, YES! The money I have spent at Helene’s shop has saved me an abundance of time and stress. I can’t say it’s less expensive than shaving. But it isn’t much more. I shaved for years and years. The stubble, the bumps, the razor burn for me were undesirable, but necessary evils. But then it dawned on me. What’s the point of being free of body hair if your skin is irritated and uncomfortable? I definitely prefer my body sans hair, and waxing is the only method of hair removal that gives me the results I want.

Waxing is low maintenance, too, especially if you’re used to shaving a couple times a week. If you buy the serum (and make sure to use it every day) and get a good exfoliator, you’re golden. Smooth sailing for weeks! Things may get hairy in the few days before your appointment, but that hair will be finer and softer and less disruptive to your life.

Sweet Pea Waxing Boutique just moved!

The new location is off of Six Forks Road South. Helene and her new wax specialist Hannah offer a variety of waxing services for men and women and are welcoming new clients.  With the addition of Hannah to the team, Sweet Pea Waxing Boutique has lots of appointment times. Online booking makes scheduling a breeze! The studio is immaculate, with charming decorations, and the most professional wax specialists in the area. Visit https://sweetpeawaxing.com/ for more information. Or better yet, make an appointment and see for yourself!

Head’s up first time clients!!!

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