taking care

thankful, grateful, restful

As we approach the holiday season, things get hectic. We are rushing here, there, and everywhere. We feel compelled to attend all gatherings, see everyone, and not miss anything. It’s a tall order to fill and leaves many feeling anxious…How will it ever come together? Today we have an idea to help you enjoy the season without feeling depleted. Rather than try to do it all, maybe we can slow down and allow ourselves to feel thankful, grateful and restful.

We are taking time off to enjoy our families.

It will be a challenge to get as much time as we would like with our loved ones; my brother and Erica’s dad both work in retail, which means after the Thanksgiving table is cleared, it’s time for these men to go back to work. Many of us are aware that retail stores do not take any breaks this time of year. For so many retailers, the holiday season as their last big sales push to end the fiscal year on a positive note. (They don’t call it #BlackFriday for nothing!) With that in mind, we invite you to share in our show of support for the retail industry by NOT SHOPPING ON THANKSGIVING! Last we checked, Thanksgiving was about gathering with those you love to celebrate gratefulness, not getting a “sweet deal”.

We all deserve a rest.

When we do finally have a break in our regularly scheduled lives, we are quick to fill the space with activities; maybe things we have put off, maybe things we are excited about, maybe obligatory things…we see our days off not as a restful break, but a chance to make up for lost productivity. We constantly overextend ourselves. You are entitled to a break every now and then. Maybe this will be the year that you leave your day off open like “free space” on a bingo card.

Choose to be present.

Even if the time we have with our “people” is short, we can make it count. We vow to unplug, we choose to be present, we desire to create a holiday that is as restorative as it is enjoyable. We hope you’ll do the same, so we can all be as thankful, grateful, and restful as possible.

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